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for about 2 mins in A&E, the doctor, he did something to my arm, apparently just took blood, and put in an IV, but for about 2 mins, suddenly everything changed, just for those minutes, I really thought I was dieing, I felt the world slip away, I grasped to try and stop from falling, I paniced, I cried out for help, I really thought that was it and I was scared. really scared.

I'm still not sure what all this means to me, but, I've never felt like that before, I don't think I ever want to again, and am I so very glad I wasn't alone at that moment.


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That does sound rather frightning!! I am glad you posted to let us know.
It was not a blackout? or fainting? or out of body experience? or dreaming in the hospital?
I am curious now.
Rest well. :ohmy:


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i don't know as far as i can tell, it was just blood being drawn, and i've never had a problem with blood, plus i knew that i'd ODed a lot, and that my results had just come back at 5.2 which ment my sugar levels were ok but that they had falled 5 points in like 5 mins. so i sunno i thought maybe i was about to go into a coma or something, or maybe really die i mean that wouldn't've been a logial conclusion but i had been calm up to that point and then it suddenly and i was like god help me what the hell did you just give me, and the doctor i think ignored me and my sis was sat across the room and i reached one hand out to her and the other i use to ry and stop collapsing, but i just kinda crashed on the bed. then in about a min or so i realised i wasn't die and i said please can i have some water to a nurse that walked past, and i poured most of it down me, but holy shit it was the scariest thing in my life ever


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Scary but educational. Death is a trauma to us in all respects: physical, mental emotional and spiritual. For us and for those left behind. A ripping out, into what I can only imagine.

I am glad you are safe. Glad you have an opportunity to embrace life again. This could be a very good thing. Sometimes suicide is liek an equation.. I'm not very good at math but when you cross out similar factors you are left with an answer. you have crossed out death as a choice and can now fully embrace the answer.. to live. With that as your focus you will make different choices and seek different answers. Sometimes we just need to eliminate suicide as an option to find freedom from it.

Glad your alive! :biggrin:


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It probably caused a dip in blood pressure and you had a vasovagal synocope. That happens when blood is taken sometimes. A blood sugar of 5.2 wouldn't have caused what you're describing
that sounds very interesting.
I wonder if its the same what i have experienced.
When i od i was brought to the hospital, they put something in my arm as well, not sure if it just was IV or whatever, but when that started to flow i was feeling out of it, my eyes started to move without me noticing, i wasnt scarred of dieing, cause i wanted to, but i think all that was is to flush my body from the toxic pills i took. I actually thought it was a nice feeling. Obviously not for you. And sorry you had to go thro it, but it helped you thats very nice
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