different day, differing problems

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    I went back to you today
    i said it was time to leave
    after you say fine
    i expect you to say goodbye

    Its north thats calling
    But not for long enough
    i dont feel like fighting today
    please be numb, i'm in no mood to play

    ok, top left, your pretty consistent
    i want you to stay, and immerse whats deeper
    as if it were not there
    Anything to stop that god awfull pulse

    throb away, as i cry beg and plead
    ache and clown around as if i have no control
    the maturity i have slips away
    promiscuosness, i dont play games no more
    it only hurts, whats love for

    Everything thats wrong in the world
    eaping into my desensatized mind
    i know its awfull and i know what it means
    theres no way on earth im gonna let it win.

    As if you automatically think the worse
    theres not a name on earth that doesn't seem to apply to me
    and i just sit here as my body freaks with sick subconscience fears
    maybe now i will stop thinking of your body

    Your beautifull face, that symbolises disgrace

    I look to yorkshire
    they talk for BNP
    i ask my heart
    are they talking about me
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