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  1. I've always had thoughts of cutting myself but the great education system in england decided to teach us about the human body in first year and scare us into ever getting cut or bruised so im too afraid to do it.

    So i decided to come up with different ways to make the release of not wanting to jump of the bridge while in ireland or going to the football ground in birmingham and shouting we s*** on the blues after they lost a match

    At first it just things i could get away with by saying i was joking about with my mates like hitting my head really hard on the corner of the buildings in school or causing an argument with one of the harder guys so that i would get held up against the wall and get punched until a teacher noticed to which when asked why it happened the bully would make me say that we were playing and id get into trouble. Thank god they never really punched my face so my mom wouldnt notice. bullys in england are all about how many blows to the stomach will it take to make this kid throw up.

    Then once we moved away from all that i decided to move to my feet. I would purposly get my mom to buy me shoes that were too small so that i would get blisters. Then when my whole foot got covered in blisters <not literally> my mom kinda noticed so i had to stop.

    No i get the pain from pouring hot water on myself, purposely making my asthma bad hoping to go into an attack and letting the closest person in my life bite me so hard that she nearly draws blood and bruises me really bad which she enjoys to do so its all good on that part
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    people can become more inventive in the ways that they hurt themselves... and sometimes because they get found out cutting or something, and so they resort to some other method instead. getting someone else to bite you is... um... unusual... to say the least. i dont think it's *that* unheard of, but generally speaking people prefer to bite themselves. have you spoken to someone irl about this?

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    One way that you may not have tried is to blog or write about how you are feeling a few minutes before you hurt yourself...finding a voice is much more difficult, but the scars are considerably less...and yes, please seek out help (both professional and peer/family) so that your creativity is in the service of helping, not harming yourself...big hugs, J
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