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diffrence between cbt and bbt...?

posting this because i've just finished a course in cbt and found it extremely useful. i learnt a lot of good strategies from it.

just wondering.. what's the diffrence between cbt and dbt?

is dbt worth me taking a course on

have not really heard much about it..


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From what I know of DBT, it is mostly restricted to research rather than clinical use at the moment. It was developed by some psychologist to incorporate traditional CBT with a sort of buddhist enlightenment!!!! One of the core concepts is mindfulness, however I don't really know what that means.

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Actual my daughter just took DBT and it worked very well with her it works mostl on mood disorders changing ones reaction to painful thoughts She attended therapy as an outpt basis It is well worth it


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From what I've heard DBT is to help with personality disorders, but it does get good reviews. I guess each therapy would be different for people and different things help different people. With DBT I believe there is an emphasis on 'mindfulness' (maybe google it to find out more) which can help some people.

Personally I'd take the DBT course if you've been able to find one (I can't find one in this area) as even if you don't find it useful there may be bits of it that could help.. you've got nothing to lose :)

Heh, wow. My psych nurse told me I should get DBT but would have to look in dublin for it, as the psychologists there arent advanced enough for it, but she didnt explain what it was for, and she also didnt ackowlege the GP's observations of bipoalr and BPD within me, but i suppose suggesting DBT is her way of saying eh yeah thast probable.
Gotta love psychs dont you?

I have done CBT already, and I found it a bit useless in all fairness, but talking with the psychologist every week helped. Just the stuff he was telling me in relations to CBT i already knew.


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I think that DBT would be an extremely productive therapy. It teaches you how to understand and ultimately control your strongest emotions, using Buddhist meditation as the basis (this is the same system that allows you to set yourself on fire and not so much as flinch as you burn to death. You won't be doing anything that extreme, but that's what it's capable of). It's the only therapy (and actually only treatment period) that's been shown to work with borderline personality disorder.

Meditation on its own even without a formal therapeutic setup is highly effective at helping all mental disorders, and relieves stress in everyone, and I strongly encourage everyone to practice it.

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