Diffrence between private care and hospital care?

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    Recently I had a bit of a falling out with my last therpist over money, basically she let the bill get extremly high without telling me (its a long story for another post, but honestly I came to terms with it, but she never sent me a bill once she always gave it to my parents and I am 23) and so now I have to find another therpist and my only option is in my local hospital. I am not commiting myself or even doing out-patient, I will just be seeing the therpist and psychologist in the hospital setting, for a signfiganlty cheaper amount. My question is the care I am about to recieve sub-par to that in private pratcie or does it difrrentreate in any major way from private pratice care, or is it just the same care in a diffrent setting?
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    I don't know, but I would be curious to know what others say. I would hope it would be the same, but with the load that they probably have vs a private option, I'm not sure.

    I'm so sorry about the bill thing. It isn't right for her to let it run up like that without telling you. My doc always tells me if I'm getting too high. It's her fault, really, for not talking to you about it.

    Let me know how the new care works.

    And I really do hope it is good!
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    I've assessed many private/NHS therapists myself- it really depends on what your problem is.

    In my experience, your outpatient therapist might have a very paternalistic way of working with you, and might not be a specialist in any complex problem you might have, and will rely on fixed, theoretical models to treat you. That can be a huge issue if, like myself you have a good idea of what helps you, and want someone to support where you want to go, rather than someone saying DO THIS, without listening to you closely.

    I've met many private therapists ( counsellors or psychotherapists) who say they are ABC but are purely out to make money and have a very crude knowledge of serious MH problems (and might be more used to seeing people with a certain background who are going through lets say life issues, y'know?), and have their own personal issues/problems.

    I'm in a similar situation; there is no harm talking to the therapists at your local hospital to see if their way of working suits you. I use hospital mainly for the psychiatrist part...because that's the most that they can do, sit and monitor all the surface symptoms.

    What was your last therapist? Was she a psychotherapist or counsellor? You never know, your therapist at your hospital might be a gem, they are out there. :smile:
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    I just thought...at a hospital, you may get an intern that is learning or not yet ready to go on their own. That may or may not be bad. Some are very good, just waiting for final step.

    I'm with plates, check them out and see what's available. You may find good people there.
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    um if you go to a university hospital or a teaching hospital then ya thats possible but otherwise you'll most likely get a regular one that isnt an intern....
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    I went to my appoitment, judging by her credintials and my experince the doctor seems just as compontent as any private pratice doctor I have had in the past. It is a little difficult for me to compare though she actually changed my diagnosis a little bit, before I was being treated for social anxiety and depression, she believes that my problems actually stem from the social anxiety and that the depression is a symptom of it so she is going to try a diffrent approach to the therpary, more dialectial and cognitvie behavorial kind of step, I am open to it but it does seem like it will be very diffrent from the kind of therapy I did with my private pratice doctor.