dilema .. given more tablets .. advice welcome

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    i wasnt sure wher 2 post this..
    but i went 2 the docs tday and he has upped my dose of zoloft and given me some more tablets 2 'calm me down' and help ease off the booze..
    i looked up these new tablets and it turns out they r classed under th same name as a drug iv taken b4 (wont name it incase classed methods) 2 years ago i overdosed on them and i died .. i had 2 b brought back and i was in hospital for a few weeks..they didnt think i wud survive n told my familly 2 expect the worst..
    anyhows .. my dilema is that now i know what these are .. as soon as i read it i was strangly happy .. it was like 'o now i dont have 2 go outside 2 die' messed up i know.. anyhows i havent gone 2 get these tablets yet .. i also jus realised hes given me TWICE of what i was given 2 years back.. :blink:
    i kno what i can b like when im really drunk .. th slightest thing and i can go from happy 2 being standing on a building ready 2 jump litteraly.. so i dont know if i should get them or not ?? i dont understand y hes given me them .. its like hes saying .. 'i kno u wont do it AGAIN' :dry:
    im pretty sure i will take the higher dose of what im already on now.. the only problem is that its on the same prescription .. so if i get that i will be given these other tablets aswel...
    sigh .. im not sure what to do ..
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    The same kind of thing happened to me. I saw my doctor the other day and he basically upped my dosage on a pill that I attempted with a couple weeks ago. I would say don't go get the pills if you think its going to be too much of a temptation for you. I know I ignored my doctor and continued taking the dose I was taking previously just so I knew I wouldn't bew tempted to do the same thing.
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    You can get the one presciption filled and tell the pharmacist not to fill the second one.. It's that easy.. Just tell them you don't want them.. Then call the doctors office and explain this to them..If you end up getting them filled then give them to your mom and let her dose them out to you. Take them in front of her..
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    thanks 4 replyin kanku n stranger..
    i dont have ne1 here that wud look after the tablets.. in th uk they give u whats on th th sheet .. so if i go there i will be given them .. i guess iv got mixed feelins about it ..
    if i had been given these 2 weeks ago .. well even 1 week ago at points wher iv been wantin 2 end it - i WUD have taken them all..
    i guess i wud feel calmer knowin that option was sitting there in the bottle.. but i dont know if it would be 2 much temptation.. i cant trust myself with things like this..
    hmmmm.. what to do.. what to do ...