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    ok.. so heres da thing.. i hav had a lot of past experiences which led to emotional distress and me getting all suicidal. I even had OCD once.. now im better i suppose...
    neway i seriously need advice on wad im gona tell u guys now.. cuz no matter how small dis issue may seem... such matters do get to my nerves and i end up being suicidal.

    I have got these two frnds who i thought were my closest frnz out of all.. in fact de met eachother through me n now de r close too. As im very forgetful and absent minded.. i often end up doing things which may create problems for others or may not be
    appropriate... n da thing is dese two frnz keep bitchin bout me all da time n de jus keep misunderstading.... sometimes de even play games wid me....
    de try to put al dese blames on me which actually are their own flaws.. its not lik i do nething bad to dem intentionally.... de even think im a lier... i jus cnt stop dem from bitching obut me n always thinkin negative of me.
    Also, dere r many rumours bout me and my family ( da family rumours were started by my x boyfriend)... being my closest frnz de somewhat blv da rumours n think im da lier who tries to defend herself from da rumours... now de gossip bout me n family too based on dose rumours! n dis really pisses me off cuz my family means everything to me n de gave me support all my life! i wudnt b alive if it wasnt for dem.
    I jus cnt take dis shit no more.. ppl constantly misunderstandin me n bitchin bout me n my family... n my closest frnz r doin dis behind my back.. wudnt u call dis backstabbing..
    i dnt knw how to stop it.. if i jus stop mixin wid dem den ill be all alone wid no frnz n dat is somethin very insultin.. i cnt do dat now either.
    wad can i do............ m gettin all suicidal

    Also, I once had OCD like i sed previously, and I used to hav dese unrealistic thoughts and see all dese halucinations n think de were real...n de wer all bout my famiy.. i used share all of it wid my da guy who ws my boyfriend bak den.. now he is my x... n he neva could figure out dat it was OCD n wadeva i sed were all comin from unrealistic thouts and images... but rather he would assume dat all my words bout my family were for real and dat i hav got family problems! but it was his misconception! he turned out to be da worst bf eva as well! cuz he cheated and abused me verbally through out the years n spread all dese rumours ! should i talk to him n tell him dat it was OCD? wud he even care to believe?
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