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  1. nyxx

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    I don't know what to do, how to feel. I've been in an online relationship with a lad for a couple of months. He's planning on killing himself soon. I'm pro choice, I respect his decision but I can't help feeling like I should be doing more to help him. I've suggested therapy to him, or going to see a doctor...but he says he did that once after an attempt and it made him feel humiliated and a hundred times worse. He's in a lot of emotional pain and sees no hope for his future. He's not bluffing, I know he's serious. Should I be doing more, trying to persuade him to get help, is that what he secretly wants? Or should I just accept it, make it less stressful, painful for him...? That sort of seems like giving up in a way. What is the best, most supportive thing I can do?
  2. helena

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    I guess for sure insist on the help, let him call the samaritans maybe for a start,
    it wont feel as humilliating I guess...
    Try to keep talking to the person too, I guess, try to find out things that he/she has to live for.
    But I don't think you should let go or make it easier.
    Wish you lot of strenght and luck, and it's great of you to look for help and be there for this person :hug: :)
  3. Anime-Zodiac

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    Don't give up. Keep talking to him and suggesting ways to overcome his pain.
    Also if you can, ask him to see a proffesional but also go with him when he see's someone, that way he won't be on his own and he will have someone to back him up if that particular professional decides to make him feel humiliated.

    Good luck.
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