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  1. sullengurl

    sullengurl Member

    Now I choose to speak my mind
    To dig up truths I'm scared to find
    I buried them so long ago...
    So nobody would ever know
    Every moment of everyday
    I wish I could just fade away...
    Into the wind..
    Into the sea...
    And leave behind no trace of me.
    Yes I know "get over it"...
    Like anybody gives a shit.
    For nobody really knows my hurt
    Of feeling like I have no worth
    Of every touch I never wanted
    Of every dream these moments haunted
    I realize we all have our pain
    I realize tears are all the same
    On my cheek...
    Or upon yours...
    We fight our demons....
    Behind closed doors
    Do I deserve to choose my fate?
    Is it already set and I just have to wait?
    For deep within...
    My spirits dim...
    Please release me from this skin

    Sarah Rayne Russell
  2. Morningstar

    Morningstar Well-Known Member

    Very nice, you get across the feeling and emotions very well and it's very well written.
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