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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Dimity, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. Dimity

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    Hello, my name is Dimity I am a mom, grandma, special Ed teacher, wife, and terminally Ill. Recently I have realized my children look at me differently the older ones and the younger ones are curious on why I am not up and going like usual. I have begun to feel more like a burden then a part of the family and I don't really want to be remembered like that. My struggle is I believe in God and am looking for the loop hole.
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    Hello Dimity - I am Ben. While you have a lot in common worth my wife in vocation and demographics- I share the terminal ill tag. I would be happy to talk with you some if you like by private message about what it has been like and what small things I managed to figure out, but that is not something I can really do here on the boards. Are lots of people that can talk to you here though and at least listen if that is what you need to. So keep talking here and if you wish feel free to PM me. I am glad you found us here.

    - Ben
  3. scaryforest

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    you have given much and they'll give back.
    cherish it instead, love them and make them laugh
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