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  1. Freya

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    So I think to myself "make the effort to cook something". Decide to cook Chilli. I don't have any tinned tomatoes but not an issue: go to the shop.

    Go to the shop. Buy mushrooms, nachos, soured cream, apples. Come home.

    Fry onion. Brown beef. Realise did not buy tomatoes.

    No problem - find some pasata that will work. Add pasata - go to get chilli.... can't find chilli. Was sure I had chilli :/

    Oh well - make it into a bolognese. Add garlic and Italian spices. Put sourced cream in fridge and nachos in the cupboard. Dish up.

    Turn around. See the chilli on the side.



    Apparently I am losing my mind.
  2. Sadeyes

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    Welcome to my world...I get lost in elevators lately
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

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    You aren't losing your mind...you just seem really stressed. I can get like that a lot...just take some time to yourself and try to relax :hug:
  4. katrina77

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    Oh Hon, I'm laughing, just because you sound exactly like me!!
  5. flowers

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    oh I think that could happen to me also. But I would think I was meant to have the bolognese. I can lose all kinds of things that are right under my nose.
  6. Freya

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    J :hug: Christie :hug: Katrina :hug: Flowers :hug:

    Thank you :)