dips and peaks

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  1. blondeellen

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    we all have them in life
    wow its ages since i was last on here properly
    basically i had a good summer and didnt need to come on here
    nothing special happened or anything it was just good.
    then i went back to college and that was ok but then i dunno all the rubish just came back? i realised i was nothing. no one wants me and no one needs me. im fat ugly stupid clumsy basically just useless as hell.
  2. Speedy

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    :hug: I've been back in college after a summer following my senior year of high school. The summer went pretty decently for me as well. Dips and peaks for sure. Nice to meet you, Ellen. Take care.
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  3. total eclipse

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    Hi hun sorry to hear you have dipped again School stressor change of environment hun all may be causes of the depression coming back Can you talk to your doctor hun get your meds checked if you are on some if not maybe look at getting on something just to get you over this dip okay hugs to you