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  1. falling every deep
    searching for the sun
    digging, burrowing, shielding
    myself from the dream you painted in my mind

    haunting revelations of a past come to life
    the screaming ghosts of aged blasphemy
    the wicked blood dripping from my eyes
    stuck in my own limbo of lies

    why did you contact me?
    what possessed you to find me?
    dont you know the knives you've appraised
    now stand, eviscerating my heart

    mother to 4, now to 3
    you bitch, to have dropped your pants
    to fulfill some 1980's wetdream?
    a dream of cages, bars and sweat

    brother, inhabitor of my nightmares
    bringer of despair and hurt
    leave me now, begone you spirit
    let me waste away, snow and blood

    brothers all, enemies once
    fathers left us all
    how we weep, how we smile
    at the hurdling heresy we call kinship

    ginsburg, capote and poe
    masters and followers
    watch me, my last pose
    as i fall from this perch

    i dont care what you think
    this poem was writ not for you
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    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    THis is very good. Ginsberg would be pleased. I wish for some respite from your suffering.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.