Dirty Little Angel (fun poem)

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  1. Alais

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    My Father set a job for me
    to go to every bush and tree
    and sprinkle morning's dew on them
    so they could sparkle just like gems.
    I was fully three fourths finished when
    a puddle caught my eye and then
    I had to stop and play awhile
    as would any angel child.
    But when my Father turned His eyes,
    attracted by my gleeful cries,
    to see my dirty, splattered face
    I knew I'd fallen from His grace.
    "Please Father" I began to say
    "I didn't mean to disobey.
    I let temptation have its way
    and instead of work, I turned to play."
    Then I heard Him chuckle low
    as He saw me sitting there below.
    "I placed that puddle there for you
    because I knew just what you'd do."
    "You needn't try so very hard
    to earn your place in My regard.
    It's not by works that got you here,
    but My love and grace that holds you near."
    I felt my heart take wing and lift
    and I thanked my Father for this gift.
    I never should have doubted grace
    because of dirt upon my face.
  2. Petal

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    Well written, loved it :)

    Thank you for sharing!
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