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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by raincloud, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. raincloud

    raincloud Well-Known Member

    I applied for cash benefits through my state's department of social and health services. I'm also applying for SSI, but that takes longer, of course.

    I am severely depressed and I have a chronic illness that makes it difficult to function. I have lost my last two jobs because of anxiety and brain fog/cognitive difficulties, and I was once fired from a job for being "unhappy." I frequently exhibit PTSD symptoms after years of stress and abuse.

    I was hospitalized for depression after suicide attempts at 15, and do not remember a time when I was not depressed.

    I had not heard from them for a while, so I called this morning and was told that there was "insufficient evidence" that I'm depressed. I had a 1-hour evaluation with the doctor where I cried the whole time, told her about my job loss and how I was feeling and my long history of depression, and she ended the session by saying "You just finished school. Lots of people get depressed when they finish school because they get so immersed in their scholarly life and then get nervous about entering the real world." That, of course, is not my problem. Also, she seemed startled by how well I articulated what triggered my anxiety, as if I had rehearsed it or read about it in a textbook or something. She said something like "I've never heard anyone articulate that! I've observed it, but I've never met anyone who saw that in themselves. How did you reach that conclusion, exactly?"

    Even without depression, my physical problems are undeniable, yet medical professionals find ways to deny them.

    Really, the benefits are only $339 a month, which I can't live on anyway. The psychiatrist even told me this during the evaluation, and I assumed it was an attempt to discourage me. I've been diagnosed with depression a number of times. I'm already suicidal and this is just making it harder for me to hang on.

    I'm appealing, but is there anything I could do during the appeal to make them understand? The doctor was dismissive the whole time and seemed more concerned about my not wanting to date anyone than about my being depressed. Just because I finished school doesn't mean I'm not depressed.
  2. Corax

    Corax Active Member

    I'm going thru a similar thing right now, perhaps we can compare notes.

    Depressed since 14 at least, I thought it was normal teenage hormone stuff, looking back it's obvious it wasn't. No medical records for it. My first suicide attempt was at 19, I was severely depressed, but mad enough at the world that I didn't seek help, still no record besides some disturbing photos. since that time I've gotten 11 jobs and lost them all due to depression related behavior. Only last year did I actually learn what depression was when seeing a doctor for joint pain that has since been linked to this thing.

    BTW, I'm 28

    My last job was for a state college, so I get no TDI benefits. I would hace gotten $275/mo but having been homeless twice, it's still a nice thing. I digress. My only hope is SSI, that takes cash so I can get a shrink to stand a chance.

    Here's the thing: 90% of all disability cases get turned down their first time thru. Appeal and if you can, get a good lawyer. They deny so many to weed out those that need it from the scammers. So keep fighting the good fight.

    I truly wish you luck, and if I learn anything useful to the likes of us I'll be sure to pass it along, I hope you do the same.
  3. raincloud

    raincloud Well-Known Member

    Yes, I do think we are similar. I'm 31. I'd be more than happy to get $339 a month. I currently have zero income and I am essentially "squatting" until time comes and the deputy kicks me out. I'm selling or giving away nearly all of my things and it's so hard when I can't really get out of bed. I'm half-asleep when I'm awake.

    Because of my financial situation, I have had really unreliable healthcare. My medical records are a bit spotty. I have a chronic thyroid condition that has left me in a bad state, health-wise, but it's hard for me to have documentation of that, as well.

    I have a family friend who has offered to help me out but I only briefly mentioned I was applying for disability. I think she still imagines that I'll pick myself up by the bootstraps yet, but I've done that so many times and I just can't right now. Maybe sometime in the future, but not right now. Maybe I could ask her if she'd help me go to a doctor? I don't know.

    I did read somewhere that there are lawyers who won't charge to defend your SSI claim until you win, and then they'll take a percentage. I'll look into that some more.

    Another problem is this family friend I just mentioned lives in another state and has offered to have me come live with her. I'd rather get this at least somewhat sorted out before that.

    Question: If you get denied for state cash benefits, do you automatically get denied SSI? I know that they are separate entities, but it seems like getting denied at the state level would be a red flag.
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