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I understand why I have been banned from chat, because I was triggering people and I was being too emotional. I also understand that the only emotion that should be expressed in the chat room is love, something that I'm not capable of. It is ok, it will only reinforce the fact that I am an outsider. When I am myself, it is not ok, and I will be shown the door by somebody. But I do have feelings, and when I feel them, somebody or myself will get hurt badly. I know whoever it was, was just doing their job, I'm not angry with them. I'm only angry with myself as usual, for not trying suppress my feelings more than I can.
Yeah, I don't understand why people shy away from discussions that are emotionally negative. I mean, obviously there's a time and place for it, but generally I'm pretty accepting of anything - bad or good, the only thing I ask of others is that they're honest with me. Obviously if someone doesn't want to talk about certain topics, we have to respect that though.

I believe holding back feelings isn't helpful at all. If you or anyone else here has something on your mind, and feel like talking to someone about it.. just go right ahead, I'll listen and give my opinion or advice. My current therapist always lets me talk about whatever is on my mind, no matter how bizarre or crazy. (and believe me, we have had some weird conversations.. lol) Honestly, it just feels really good to have that personal freedom. Try to find some friends who are accepting of that.. easier said than done, I doubt many of my current friends (except 1 or 2) would want to get in emotionally deep conversations as opposed to the light-hearted humor that most seem comfortable with. Yeah, I need new friends though.. because I like more spontaneity and a wider range of topics, not just the "happy on the surface" friend, I want to hear the cold, hard truth. People should open up more.
Hun you shouldn't feel angry with yourself, you have a right to express how you feel just like anyone else here. I was in the chat some of the time with what was going on, and it was quite scary, no one knew what to do or say to you. But you deffiantly shouldn't feel bad we all have our ups and downs, me myself have worried a few people in chat before but as i said we all have our ups and down. I don't think your an outsider and being banned from chat doesn't prove that, you were put under moderation as protecting for others as that night was quite upsetting for a few people. Please don't feel bad about it.

Take care

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You are free to express emotions in chat. Even negative emotions can be expressed there. What you can't do is things that may be harmful to the other members
If a topic is going to be that way, ask someone to talk with you in PM or create a subroom. Then everyone stays safe and you can still get out what you need to. I am glad you are understanding about being under moderation. I wish you the best tabby. :hug:
((((((((( tabster )))))))))))) i've missed talking with you lady. i hope this will all get cleared up soon. u know u can always write to me if you want to let something out. i don't have a problem with that. please take care of yourself, and i hope someday soon we can talk with each other again. :arms:
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