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everything is worse....less of food...more of exercise....more of...taking something that i know is medically bad for me.....surfing the ***-*** sites, have to see my physcian every month to check in...he canceled on me this month...mixed feelings....god what a sigh of relief it is not to have to talk to him....at the same time i know i need too....after some encouragement i talked to my therapist yesterday......told her about the less and more stuff....this is where i get stuck....she wants "Me" to tell the doc the next time i see him.....if i dont she will.....no promises made....so well no real ones anyway....but she will ask if i have told him...I cant lie....i hate myself more if i try to lie...but I dont want to tell the doc..I dont want him to know........and i just want to disappear
Aww I hope it gets easier soon, and I am so sorry you are struggling so much. For me it's the opposite...right ow anyway.....over eating..but no matter what I eat or how much...I can't fill the void and feel comfortable in my own skin...

Life just has to be so complicated....:dry:

But if you need to talk PM me, I'd be more than happy to talk with you or even listen, whichever. Take Care of yourself hun, you deserve it! :wink: :flowers:



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I wish to give you a room full of hugs. I am sorry you are struggling so much ari. Your therapist is right. You do need to tell you physician what is going on so he can treat you correctly. You know that I/we will continue to support you no matter what struggles you may have. Please don't try to disappear or waste away. You are a very valuable person ari.. I wish there were mre peopl like you in the world. :hug:
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