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Disappointed, but for the wrong reason.

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I have been feeling terrible all day. For the past few days I have not been able to concentrate on any one thing which has been driving me mad as it took me nearly all of yesterday to write a bloody letter to someone. Doesn't look good really does it?

Anyway, I have been feeling awful all day. NO particular reason why just really irritable and angry for no reason. My Dad having a go at me for not wanting to eat dinner outside made me cry. Stupid I know.

So the disappointment. I tried self harming tonight. It wouldn't work. No matter how many different places I tried I couldn't let. I would make a crap IV drug user! Usually I can always get one but just didn't seem to want to. So I feel worse than I did before I started trying as I had set my mind on the fact I was going to and worked up to it and then nothing! So I feel worse. Annoying!


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I hate it when I can't concentrate, so can really empathise with how you're feeling.
As to the inability to self harm, isn't self harming about getting back in touch with your emotions? Releasing anger etc?
Perhaps you are more in touch with yourself than you realise, certainly the self preservation part of your brain is alive and well and putting out its influence, even if you feel the rest of your brain has died on you for a while. :smile:
I see your inability to self harm as a positive not a negative, perhaps you are subconsciously trying to find a better and less harmful way to cope.
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