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    My neighbor encouraged me to try dating online and i finally gave it a try and i only received one response. I'm not really interested or desperate to find someone anyway. I was just curious and now i know online dating is not my thing. Just disappointed that i thought i would attract someone at least more than one person. Anyway, i prefer to date when the opportunity arrives naturally. Im not depressed over this because im being patient and hope i will meet the right one eventually.
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    People found others to date long before computers. I'm very computer integrated (probably more than most people my age) and if I needed to date again, I'd surely not use the computer. Meeting people in person and getting to know them on a level "non dating" first seems to have worked for centuries before recent technology. Good places to end up meeting someone is school, work, clubs, volunteering, social groups (not implying "social media" online).

    Houston's a big city. :)
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    I have been quite fortunate to have had boyfriends back to back since i was 20, but now i finally don't have nobody anymore since this year. Now it's ME time and patiently wait for another one. I just know online dating is not my thing.