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  1. SevenStorySelf

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    I failed out of college. It's official now. :dry:
    Part of me is justifying that by saying...

    "You didn't need college to do what you want to do."

    ... But part of me thinks I just couldn't hack it. :sad:

    Everyone who knows has said the same thing.
    "Oh, well college isn't for everyone :unsure: "

    Yes. I know. But it was for me. I know it was, because I could have done it. Easily, I could have.

    But I fucked it up. I do this on purpose. Not consciously, to be sure, but somewhere, in the vast emptiness of my mind...

    I want to fail. It's built into me.

    Here's my reasoning.

    1) I know what is required of me to succeed .
    2) I am capable of doing what is required to succeed.
    3) No negative consequences for completing the required actions can be seen.

    Given these three simple rules, and my failure to complete the required actions leads me to believe I am.. systematically sabotaging my future.

    :mad: FUCK:mad:


  2. Terry

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    Then can I make a suggestion hun?:unsure:
    Find out and sort out what is making you sabotage yourself,,therapy counselling etc.
    Then go back to college and kick arse.
    It's not the end of all hope or chances, lots of people fail and then go back and succeed.