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    I’m too much in the vortex of crumbling thoughts
    To answer your patronizing questions
    Don’t even try to attempt that surreal form of therapy
    You’re like an electrum arrow to the brain
    A curse, a spreading stain

    For all the disease destroying sympathy and reason
    I’ve still got a few tricks grappled onto me
    Ready to spring outwards at a moment’s notice

    I’ve seen that pristine marble maze collapsing into a violent sea
    A symbol of repeating corruption
    The only difference is now the fires burn behind us all

    Memories are the imperial guard of a shade empire
    They haunt you as if they feel betrayed
    Wondering when they will be laid
    To rest

    It’s great consolation when I realize
    I’m not the only one haunted
    I find relief that I’m not the only one
    Who needs sleep forever

    This head of mine–captured inside the walls of a demon’s fortress
    Will burn until the end of my existence
    If you could only know what swirls within...​
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    Very very good work! I like it very much, only not the thoughts that inspired it. Sending you positive thoughts and hugs!


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