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  1. VALIS

    VALIS Well-Known Member


    I just never thought that it would happen to me
    Never thought i'd care, and always thought i'd be free
    I pronounced, "people who mate, are sheep in the flock"
    Now I hear the ticking biological clock

    Saw myself so cruel, said I knew what I wanted
    I've begun to feel that my progress is stunted
    More than just to live or fail alone to survive
    I want to hold my baby while I'm still alive

    A family. A child-- worth much more than the parts
    And not just to have, but to create this, as art
    A house full of our joy, like a fortress that glows
    Or a plant, to delight as it changes and grows

    I used to think, say, used to feel another way
    But then I left you, and now you're going away
    It was easy just to love you and let years flee
    And now I feel the missing future around me

    I hope you'll be safe and hope you'll find what you need
    Yet our four years of joy, on this we both agreed
    How it once was between us will never be the same
    But I love you too much,love, I'll never wish you pain

    Since I know you should go, I shouldn't even say
    Or just take what I want, and then squirrel it away
    If do what is right, I won't read you these lines
    Or dream (to have your baby and keep it for mine)

    I believe someday, I will die by my own sick hand
    Years from now, when you've taken root on foreign land
    And though I made a promise to tell you before
    I'd rather leave you in peace, to love and explore

    -S.S. (me)
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  2. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    This is one of the most honest and insightful poems I've ever read on SF, although I think only you can tell me what you meant with each word in this poem. There was so much passion in this text that I loved it. :hug: See you around in chat. ;)
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    So sad but so well written hun I hope you continue to write Hugs
  4. VALIS

    VALIS Well-Known Member

    Thank you guys so much :reub:

    It means a lot to hear good things about my writing- it encourages me to make something out of my depression.

    You two are very kind people. Hugs.
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I do hope to read more from you hun Words that so many here can relate to hun Keep writing okay use that as a means to release the sadness from inside hugs
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