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Disjointed Surreal Nightmare? (Triggering? probably not but just to be safe)

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Basically the dream started with me in my car on a long trip (dont ask me how I knew it was a long trip but w/e).

It starts storming and I go to stay with this random family on the road. And their house is like one of those kids bouncy houses? (not the scary part :x) but it was a regular house at the same time. It seemed like a regular house with rooms and everything, but i just knew it was blown up. That it could just collapse and move somewhere else.

I felt really bad about accepting their help so I go out to my car to try and find something to repay them with. The daughter comes with me, and I start going through my bag in the passenger seat when the car start moving. At first I thought the daughter was just playing a joke or wanted to drive or something, but then I look down and the keys are in my hand. I freak out for a second, but then I look out the passenger window and see this huge iron fence.

And behind it theres this zoo. The whole are is all desolate and all the animals are together in this huge space. For a while its like im hypnotized by the repeating pattern of the bars and spaces in between. Its like I cant look away. Everything is completely silent except for the wind, the car tires on gravel, and some orchestral music that I feel like I should know but I cant seem to recognize. I try to read the sign on the gate but no matter what I do I cant make it out.

Next thing I know, the car is parked and I suddenly just know that I have to go back. Then I get this chill and I realize that I never even looked on the other side of the car. I get out, and I get hit with this wave of cold. I look at where I have to walk, and see this structure. At first it seems like a regular playground (monkey bars) but then my perspective changes or it changes or something, and it starts to seem like it reaches up forever. its like old scaffolding or the metal bones of something long dead or all three at once. And at the very to are these elephant faces. They seem real and unreal at the same time, and the eyes just scare me.

I suddenly realize that I have to walk through to get back to where I need to be. As I walk i feel that same light-dark pattern in the heavy shadows under the bars. Then I feel a shadow brush across me, like something touched me. I look up and theres people up there, everywhere, but the lights behind them and they're just shadows. One jumps down and grabs my arm, I feel this wave of i dont know how to describe it, revulsion, and nausea, and terror? And I meet its gaze, and its like the elephant, real and not real. It was like a physical pain. Something seemingly human but otherworldly and monstrous at the same time.

And then I woke up and pretty much panicked all night until dawn.

Sorry this is so long and weird/random/boring. I just felt like I needed to get it out somewhere.
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