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    letter to my dad, feel free to ignore

    how could you do all that. carol, em and my mum havent done anything wrong. they dont deseve to be banned from my nan and poppas graveside like that. besides its a public place and not possible according to a solicitor. nan and poppa meant the world to them as well. just because the divorce hurt doesnt mean you have to hate all the women in the family. now its me including.

    i guess im going to be getting one of your vicious letters. can it be worse than the last one where you called me a murderer for losing my baby. knowing you probably because you do like to hurt people. could you hurt me anymore if you tried. mum said that letter was aimed at her but i know that part was aimed at me

    you say that the letters you sent to carol were the harsh truth. well the harsh truth is that your going to die a lonely old man with no family around you except that gold digger of a brother of mine who couldnt be bothered to come to nans funeral. or grandads for that matter. who both died within a week of each other last summer. how can you defend someone whose response to my grandads death was 'oh no, not another one'. its indefensible to me. and then tries to pinch every penny possible from the family thinking that theres a will from my grandad when everything was passed to my grandma. then disowned that side of the family because he wasnt getting any money or that they didnt give him enough. he wrote letters saying that. did you know that. i did because ive seen them.

    em said the truth with what she said about him not being there at nans funeral. or even helping clearing the flat. he had the most easiset way to get to nans but did he take it.. no, not even once. you didnt have to call em 'a little witch' for saying what she said. em and i had to go through people asking us at that funeral where my brother was. it was heartbreaking enough being at that funeral but unfair on em and i to be asked that over and over again.

    nan's birthday would have been on the 18 march. she hasnt even been in the ground a year and your being this complete nightmare. a person i dont even recognise since my mum divorced you. with good reason seeing as i went through that nightmare with her.

    you can disown me as much as you like but i disowned you the day you threw the bag of cat litter deep into my stomach. never since have i ever liked you or wanted to be around you. i stopped talking to you after you sent me that letter last time but only put things aside because it would have been what nan would have wanted the most. the last time i saw her alive she knew we were getting on and that meant the world to her. if she knew you now.. i dread to think. and i know what you did to her. its despicable. you dont do that to an elderly woman. she didnt deserve that and she didnt deserve a son like you. i dont deserve a dad like you
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    Massive hugs hun :arms:.
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    (((BIG BEAR HUG)))Mand you are a special person and it is his loss!!! You just continue to live your life and put him out of your mind..You have a very loving person in your life and you need to focus on the good times with him and to hell with your dad!!!
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    mand... it's good for you to get all of that out.....xx