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    I finally realized how to sum up my life and who i am in one word. and when it hit me, it was almost freeing. I am disposable! Say it and you realize that it defines all the feelings I have. Why am i not loved? Why am I not successful? Why am I never the center of anyone attention?
    Because I am disposable. Easily forgotten. One time only use.
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    welcome, but sorry to read you feel you are disposable.

    i believe that by just being human, and living here on this planet, with all its ups and downs - you have intrinsic worth. you may not have love right now but who knows what the future will bring. don't give up now,

  3. Fatman1966

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    we all feel that way sometimes


    is it really true or is it just your depression talking, thats the thing, when you are down, your brian works in a slightly different way, we tend to see things with a coloured view of the world, generaly dark or black, and the world isn't really like that

    try writing down, I am disposable of a piece of paper, then make to 2 columns, one with reasons that is true, one with reasons it isnt, try long and hard to get as many different thoughts down as you can, then when you have finished, think about what you might say to your closest friend, if they had made that list, things you could do to help and support them, write that down too

    sounds silly, but it can help, next time you feel disposable, or better, look at the list, look at the reasons, change them if you need to, change your advise

    If you given it a go, you will see that your not such a bad person, you can do it for any of your low thoughts, sometimes you get some surprising answers, mostly that your not half as bad as you think you are.
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    I dont feel that i am a bad person, I am a person who is taken advantage of easily, that is why i feel disposable. When people get what they want or need, they disappear. Not to say i dont have issues. And maybe i cling, there for i push away?
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    The need for approval from others is something we all want at times, but if that need gets a bit too out of control, then it can come across as being too clingy or too needy, so much so, that when you dont get that approval from others, it hurts, and that just makes you want approval from others even more, then you get caught in a spiral of need, hurt and even more need, thats when others can start to become worried or afraid, start backing off, because they just don't understand what is going on.

    Try asking yourself, what it is you want from that other person, and how a perfect best friend would go about doing it, or what you would say to someone else in the same situation as you, it may be that you are being too hard on yourself, not giving yourself the chance to stand back a bit, slow the way you are thinking down and get some more compassion and perspective on the events, not really giving yourself a fair chance.

    Sure bad things might have happened, but it might not be your fault, or you might not really know how to go about getting what you want, or even what that really is, no one is disposable, it just feels that way right now, but feelings aren't truth are they, feeling bad doesn't make you a bad person, the same as feeling good doesnt make you a good person, I'm sure Hitler felt good a lot of the time, but I that didn't make him a good person, emotions are just that, they are not who we are or what we are about, people are far richer beings than that, one word like disposable, surely isn't enough the sum up the whole essance of you, may be how you feel right now, but not who you really are.