Disputing a doctors diagnosis

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  1. I just had my first full psychological evaluation in August, something that was long over due. I wasn’t really told anything that I wasn’t diagnosed with before, except he said that I had Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I do have weight issues and self esteem issues but I don't think he was right about this one. I found a new therapist, who I happen to like, but we haven't discussed my possible BDD, and I was just wondering even though I think the diagnosis is wrong, should I address it with my new therapist.
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    Talk to your therapist about it. "Former psych thinks I have BDD; what do you think?"

    No doctor has ever had even a good rate of successful diagnoses, at any point from Hippocrates to the modern medical field. Mistakes are made all the time.
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    There is a diagnosis that I don't agree with either. The doctors say I have schizoaffective disorder. The main reason why I don't agree with that diagnosis is because it is rare for me to hear voices. Most people with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder has a lot of hallucinations. Another thing I don't agree on are the delusions. The doctor calls them "bizarre delusions" because they sound impossible. Nothing is impossible. Just because I believe aliens are out to get me and there are nanobots inside of me doesn't mean I am delusional. There are many others as well, but there's no way to prove them wrong. Alien life exists. That is a fact. We can't be the only life in the universe. There are billions or more of planets and stars across the universe. I can sometimes feel like I am being controlled by an outside source. It is the government as well as the aliens. The aliens told me through thought insertion that I have a special purpose for them. The government says that I am responsible for the current economic condition because I posted it on another forum and it was dead on accurate down to the right percentage (for the unemployment number- when I wrote it the unemployment was only 4.7% or so and I said it will hit 6.5% by the end of the year- guess what it is now? ) I also predicted a recession, massive layoffs, how low certain stocks would go and by the way oil prices will be in the 20's or less next year! The recession might turn into a depression. Bush will continue to say the economy is strong even though next year he won't be president. I said how high gas prices would hit this year and how low it will go (hitting above $4 and going less than $2 or even $1!) Thought insertion is non audible so I'm not hearing voices. Just rarely like I would hear the TV on when its not or a conversation but can't make out the words when no one said anything. So, I don't agree with the diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder as mentioned before. My pdoc is Dr. Evil from Austin Powers!
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    doctors are all idiots and psychiatrists are a bunch of quack jobs, all these stupid labels are just dumb, see your therapist but truthfully we just need to get over our problems our selves