Disqualified from a contest I entered

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    God dammit. I keep doing things I'm not aware I'm doing that make people hate and reject me. How the hell do you get disqualified from a contest YOU entered? I'll tell you how. Be me.

    All I did was tell the guy running it to show the prizes he claimed were going to be given to the winner. He was the one asking for feedback in the first place. All I said was that people should be able to know they're going to get the prize for writing that long ass essay. At first he said the prize would be a 50 dollar gift certificate to Best BUy. Then he changed it...and I suggested he may as well just make it for amazon.com, when he said it would be straight cash through Paypal. I know that not everyone uses paypal or likes to use it, and he's all frustrated with me saying "You know what, you're making this more complicated than it has to be, and are disqualified."

    Then said to everyone, "For a SECOND time, ahtnylra is disqualified for being annoying."

    Okay, whatever. I was the only one offering to do the fucking contest in the first place before anyone else was gunning up for it. But whatever. Fuckin ass. Shit.
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    That was unfair.
    Sounds like he was having a bad day.. Sorry you got disqualified :( :hug:
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    Don't sweat it. The other party appears to have the problem, not you.