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dissed again

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once again i get dissed by my "friend" fuck it..im used to it and ill live..this is just my life, i guess..but it still puts me to tears every time it happens :cry:


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Doesn't sound like much of a friend doing something that hurts you over and over. You deserve better. Sorry you were treated so badly. :hug:

don't worry.

it happened to me over the summer with my so called 'clique' of bestfriends.

i know how you feel. especially when other people are out having fun. :/


I'm sorry people are treating you so poorly, no one deserves it. They sound like pretty shitty people if they will do that to you. I think you should try to meet some better people
Hey there! Sorry for what happened. I don't want to speak badly about your friend, but friends should't diss friends ... maybe you should reconsider being friends with him/her. Don't know the whole situation tho...
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