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Distance myself.

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Just A Worthless Girl

I think I am going to distance myself. I have nothing. I disappear and everyone goes on, don't even notice I am gone. I use to think I had friends, but they now have nothing to do with me. I give my all. It's never enough. If I leave and leave this place disappear, let myself go father down... I won't have anything to hold onto anymore, I have very little right now anyway. As for a couple of you I am sorry if I ever hurt your feelings.. if anythin I've tried to spare people being triggered by me being so upset, but I get chewed out. Worthless I am. But hopefuly if my health problems don't get worse (which they certainly could) then maybe I can make everything drift away, and I can ceise to exist..


I don't know what to say but I do feel very similar at the moment (which accounts for me having nothing to say) but I just wanted to reply and tell you you're not alone in feeling this way and it hurts a lot.

Although feeling like you don't exist is very frightening and painful. I suppose that's why I stick to boards like this (if anyone replies to me)..some kind of reassurance that I'm still breathing or something?

:( :hug:


Hey there, just letting you know that you can pm me anytime you need me. The voices telling you that you should isolate, that you haven't made a difference or that you a worthless are just symptoms of a disease, don't let a disease get the better of you.
Your absence would be noticed if you were to just quit coming here. You are not worthless, nor do you need to distance yourself from us to spare us hurt or triggers. Please stay here and talk about the things that are making you feel this way.Depression has a way of making us feel things are true that may not always be true. My PM box is also open if you need a shoulder to lean on. :hug:
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