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Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by Kemra, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. Kemra

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    Usually I dream a lot but this one got to me and I woke up feeling shaken. It started with me driving dangerously (fast and recklessly) down a narrow street filled with parked cars in an old and beaten up sedan, I was running into other cars and bumping off them as if I was in a bumper car at the regatta. Cut to me walking along a darkened path, in my hands was a khaki bow and a hunting dog at my heels, I placed the bow on the ground and we entered some sort of park. Deer were everywhere and the dog started chasing them around but stayed close to me as it could. Somehow I knew I loved the dog and was feeling disturbed when I saw a laser sight pointer start to follow it, an oversized red marker following it around and around. The dog and I made our way back to the park entrance and I confronted the owner of the gun with the laser sight, my dog ran off while we were talking and I asked the stranger about my bow. The guy was only young and after a few minutes talking and checking the back of his station wagon for my bow I got into the car with him. There were a few other people sitting in the front, all holding weapons, and I started feeling vaguely uneasy and a bit upset about leaving my dog. We travelled back along the narrow street, this time running into cars and up over the top of them like you see tanks do in youtube clips. Finally the car stopped and I got out to look at the damage behind us, the guys in the car were laughing.

    All of a sudden I was back in my bedroom from when I was about 14 and my best friend from that time was knocking on the window. I opened it and he was standing there so drunk he could barely stand, and he looked awful, his face was gaunt and unshaven (Jason was one of those guys that could grwo a beard at 14), his arms were so thin my thoughts ran to anorexia. Was then he did the unexpected, leaned in the window grabbing me in a hug before he started kissing me :eek:hmy: I pulled away from him asking wth he was doing when he pulled me through the window. All of a sudden we were in a shopping mall, it was crowded and noisy, I walked ahead of Jason and suddenly a group of older women blocked my path and started insulting me, calling me white trash and other insults (all were black). I tried to ignore the abuse and kept walking towards a passageway to get away from them when Jason started yelling abuse and racial slurs back at them. He raced past me with his patent 'oh crap' grin yelling at me for help as the women were chasing him with the intent to kick the crap out of him. Quickly I glanced back at the women and then turned back, but Jason was gone and in his place was a kid in some library stealing money from a small box with S.E.T.I. written on it (some sort of donation box). Naturally I chased the kid but his father caught hold of him first and started beating him around the head and face, not gently either. Was then that I woke up.

    For some reason I was really shaken up by it all and left with the feeling something terrible has happened and the dream was a portent..
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    Sorry you had such a horrible nightmare sometimes stress can do that bring these terrible dreams on. I hope you have a better sleep tonight
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