Ditched by text...

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    Some people really do not think before they speak...

    I had my latest "ex" (was with her for 1 month) - last night, decide to joke about being engaged with me, to my work colleagues, without me knowing anything about it. Then when quizzed, she was like "what you on about?". Like really? She didn't know what she'd done or that I'd find out?

    I found it distasteful, as part of the reason I ended up like I am - is down to my parents marriage going down the pan. I was 12, And lost the discipline that my dad would put out - hence being a rebel doing stuff wrong, petty thefts, lashing out at my mum when I was 16, clouting my sister after verbally warning her to stop - and all that.

    But then today - I find her to be a hypocrite too. She decided to mention that a certain person she knew to be gay was a "prick". I told her in no uncertain terms that defeated the object of her complaining about being bullied herself, to use that kind of "playground bullying" on others.

    To throw that into the mix - less than 3 hours after ending it - she wants to try and get back together "I want you, I need you".

    Sounds like I had a lucky escape, although being ditched by text message is completely cowardly given the situation where less than an hour before it happened, we were face to face in the same room.