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If you have been divorced of would like to comment I would GREATLY apreciate it (PLEASE RESPOND I NEED SUPPORT) :(

Hello. I am someone who is going through a divorce, and it's weird......It's like everyday is such excruciating pain. And my errational feelings tell me it's my fault, and I had no right to leave. I also go back and forth with my wedding ring, I'll have it off a couple weeks then have it on for a few days and back and forth. And I don't know why....I still het upset about what his family has told people. Making me the evil person. And I put more into it then anyone I think.

I have been very depressed, thinking of suicide all the time and EMOTIONAL. I mean the other day someone said something about a flower and I just felt like cutting my dang leg off.

I know I need to get over it, but it's not happening...it's so damn painful.


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I know how you feel. There is nothing easy about going through a divorce. It is like facing a death. In all essence it is one. It is the death of your marriage. There needs to be a time to grieve. It is not something you "just get over" and then go on. You are not an evil person for divorcing. You did not mention what led you down this path, but I am sure your reasons are just. Do not be so hard on yourself. I am more than willing to talk with you if you would like. PM me and we will discuss things.
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