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  1. A short story without a happy ending,
    What's the parable this time?
    A moral of a tragedy...
    Love struck suicide,
    And everyone dies!

    A eternal civil war,
    No idea what you're doing to this girl,
    Snipers on the buildings,
    Bow your heads, and give your final salute.
    Now it's time to say goodbye,

    The sky is bleeding to death,
    Red rain, stains our hands,
    As we take this final breath,
    You're losing footing on this final stand,
    As you fight, and die for this, corrupt land...

    Drowning from lives of the innocent,
    I'm sorry this is more then just a drama,
    Just a a reversal of fortune,
    A Boy and a Girl now bleed,
    From this red skyline..
    In a battle no one will succeed.

    A Etymology that will never exist,
    Now it's the part in the story were everything twists,
    So take steady aim,
    And give your final salute,
    As we give each other our goodbye kiss,

    Pull the trigger,
    Where we stand is where we will bleed to death,
    Racing through the air, with an animosity,
    Piercing the skin, with your malicious intent,
    A bullet contact from which is was sent.

    So now you drown from this red skyline,
    With this Bloodstain rain,
    Stand up and, give your final salute,
    Now everywhere tragedy surrounds,
    So say your goodbye, and free fall down,
    Now the skyline can dry.
    This is the tragedy where everyone will die.
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    Really sad :sad: :hug:
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