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Do anti-depressants really help?

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I was on them from April-June last year, but I got sick of taking them.. Especially since being on them made me shake like crazy sometimes. >.<
Now my case manager and doctor want me to back on them since the last few months I've been going way down hill..
Do any of you guys take anti-depressants, and have you noticed any changes since taking them? And would it be a good idea to go back on different ones? :/

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The first antidepressants i was on made me feel sick but the second one i was on gave me energy help me actually see a bit clearer not so down it was wellbutrin xr it help decrease cravings as well so i lost weight it got me through some very very dark times If i had too i would go back on it You need to tall you doctor to try something different okay wellbutrin no side effects at all and i can stop them with out any ill effects just a thought
the first ones didn't help me but the second ones worked great. wellbutrin xl. nothing to lose by asking for something with less side effects. good luck.


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If you find the right one for you and correct dose then yes, they can/do help.

The only benefit of going back onto ones that you have previously tried, is if you were going to work on the dosage.


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i've been on them since aug and i take three different things and i really don't think they are helping. but i'm going to talk to my person and see if we can raise the doses or try something else.
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