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Do any other vertically-challenged gentlemen here struggle with their height?

I'm 170cm (5'7) tall and it's a major source of frustration for me. This is particularly sad for me because my sisters are average height for their gender, and my male cousins are all 6ft+; I'm also around the same height as my father and barely taller than my mother - where I'm from, 99% of kids outgrow their parents because of vastly better nutrition and such. I think I would have been closer to average height, around 175cm (5'9) if not for my scoliosis, which I left untreated because of stupid, stupid negligence.

I feel embarrassed to leave my house, where I'm dwarfed by the vast majority of men where I live and a decent amount of the women. It kills my confidence completely, especially since I don't have any charisma, good looks or muscles to fall back on. I've been made fun of because of my height for much of my adolescence and I think it may be a contributing factor as to why I'm rarely taken seriously by the people around me (I know that there are short successful people like Peter Dinklage, Jeff Bezos, Tom Cruise etc. but they all have stuff going for them that I don't). Ashamed to admit it but I've developed this complex of sorts where I'm completely uncomfortable interacting with people taller than me and whenever I'm around someone of a comparable height, I puff my chest out and straighten up unnaturally to give myself an extra cm or two. I would love to purchase elevator shoes/height insoles but my school has physical activity modules and there are occasions when I would need to be barefoot, and it would be really humiliating if people were to decipher that I'm using platforms and am insecure about my height.

I've sought support for this online before, and the vast majority of the comments I get are along the lines of "5'7 isn't that short", or telling me that there are short successful people + height doesn't matter + just hit the gym and grow a beard. I know that those people are trying to help but for some reason it just makes me feel worse. Does anyone here relate? If so, I'm so sorry because I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy + you're not alone and I would be happy to talk about it with you.


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ahhh i'm short too (definitely under 5'7) and i've come to peace with it. don't get me wrong i used to feel burning jealousy towards other men for being taller. i wear combat boots most of the time as they give me height and i think they look cool. self image can be really hard. but your height, or anything about your appearance for that matter, doesn't define who you are. best thing to do its own it. people will admire your confidence.


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Welcome and glad you are with us. I am shorter than average at 5'6" so I do understand and I did get all the comments expected like shrimp, dwarf, runt. A part of it for me was just being at peace with who what I am where it doesn't control how I feel or the direction my life goes. I hope that you will be able to find that in yourself. Here you can meet so many others that are members who will value you for yourself, your personality and character. It is harder in the day to day life for many. Patience and calm are both virtues that may help.

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