Do Counsellors miss clients once they are finished counselling?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Do Counsellors miss clients once they are finished counselling?

    My counsellor brought this up recently as I will be finishing with her soon as work is no longer funding me after February.

    She said that she would really miss me, but there is no need to keep seeing me because of this reason. She mainly deals with geriatrics, which I am not.

    I actually ended up counselling the counsellor and told her that she has other patients to worry about.

    I really thought that counsellors would be used to this sort of thing, they know that from the first visit that you walk in, that there is going to be a last visit.
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    They try to be stone cold professional, but they are human. They get tied up in your life, as much as they try not to.
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    My counselor said she would miss me when she stopped working with me. I used to have three people. A social worker, a child psychiatrist, child psychologist. Dr. decided it was too confusing to have so many people so she had C step down as my social worker. I didn't need Dr. anymore because they explained to me that psychiatrists are only needed when there are questions around diagnosis and medication. Dr. didn't want me on medication and Dr. could diagnosis me with anything she thought fit. When I stopped working with C I started crying about how mean I'd been to Dr. and about how I would miss her. I actually kind of do. She wrote me a letter, said she'd still see me in the halls, that she loved working with me, that she would miss me, and she tried to hug me. I passed on that. Dr. however was different. I just said Gee you're not going to be my doctor anymore? Well who will hospitalize me and say things I never understand now? He just laughed. I think they do care. Even Dr. told me he cared about me, and he always talks to me whenever he sees me around the clinic still. They all tell me they care. And C said she would miss me. They're human. They have emotions too.
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    I think they do - counselors and therapists do what they do because they are caring people... They give acceptance, guidance, a therapeutic base to help someone heal, grow and change...

    It is like any relationship: they will miss and mourn the loss of that connection in direct relationship to the time (long-term or short term) and type of therapy...

    Friends who move away are missed far more when you have shared more time and experiences with them. Same with counselors....