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Do I annoy you?

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Yes, yes... one of my "I'm feeling really insecure" nights. These past few days, I think I've annoyed people... by my presence, posts, PMs... you name it and, I don't know. I just feel as if I've been a pain. Sorry.


No, I doubt it. Helpful hands, aren't annoying...please dn't convince yourself that you are. In fact, you've been very helpful and supportive. I'd keep it up, atleast it hasn't bothered me.
Thanks everyone.. I know I ask this question quite a bit and that itself can be annoying. adsf how did I ignore you? If I did I'm sorry, it wasn't intentional.
When was that? I really can't remember but I didn't mean to ignore you. You're welcome to talk to me and I will reply.. I promise. But I'd understand if you wouldn't want to now as you think I've ignored you. Sorry. :(
I don't want to make you feel bad or something, but I was new to this forum and I did waited. I guess it could have been a technical problem, perhaps you never got the PM? I still have it under Sent though
Ok, I'm really confused.. it would help if I knew what your member name is because I haven't recieved a PM from adsf. There's a PM in my inbox which I recieved the other day and I haven't replied to it as yet, if that's from you then I haven't forgotten. I really haven't and I didn't mean for it to come across as I've been ignoring you. I'll reply now.


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Res, you have never annoyed me and you are one of the people I always look forward to seeing in chat. You're guenuine and caring and few people hold those qualities. Keep being you Res!!!
This thread is the best part of 2 years old, guys! (Thread revival, or what?! :tongue: ), but what I will say is that Rezzy, nope - you've never annoyed me! :hug:
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