Do I have a Codene addiction?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Shogun, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    I take a painkiller called Propain that contains Codene, but I don't know how much it contains. I'm Propain dependent so I know I have an addiction to the drug, but is it the Codene in it that I'm addicted to?

    I have headaches that get gradually worse and worse the longer I leave them. I have a headache the moment I wake up and I take 2 Propain tablets which pretty much clears the headache up for around 6 or 7 hours, then another one comes on for which I take another 2 tablets. I get a certain buzz that I can't really from popping 2 tablets too, not a major buzz or anything, but still.

    I get through no less than 4 Propain tablets a day and no more than 6 on a bad day.

    Is it the Codene that's causing my headaches and making me addicted? And do I have to put up with letting these potentially unbearable headaches persist untreated to get off the drug?

    Are there any Codene addicts here?
  2. the fleet asleep

    the fleet asleep Well-Known Member

    when i was a teen, i had a particularly nasty surgical procedure done, and was prescribed morphine for the pain afterwards. after a week, i became dependant, so i was prescribed tylenol with codeine. after a month of that, i was entirely dependant on it. i was going through a months worth of prescription in a little over a week, and they just kept giving me more. when i dropped it cold turkey, i had horrible withdrawls for a month, which really didnt help the healing process.

    ive never heard of propain, but if it has codeine in it, its likely that the codeine is what your body is becoming dependant on. its only about 10% as strong as morphine, but its just as addictive. depending on how long youve been dependant, opiate addiction can be an absolute b*tch to overcome. luckily i wasnt dependant for very long, so i was able to go cold turkey without damaging myself, but many arent that lucky.

    if you truly believe youre becoming dependant, then dont wait to do something about it. if youre obtaining through a doctor, you should bring it up with him. maybe you could try a painkiller with a little less bite, and slowly ween yourself off the opiates. if youre obtaining through other means, maybe detox would be the best route.

    there are more people addicted to codeine than any other opiate on the planet. understanding that you may be addicted is an important step in the right direction
  3. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    I can't believe I spelt Codeine wrong.

    *Smacks head against keyboard*
  4. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of addicts can relate to this..... but the reason I haven't brought it up with a doctor yet is because originally I thought it was silly bringing up an addiction to paracetamol to him. I buy them from local pharmacies without a prescription so he doesn't really know I take them.

    I've convinced myself that this brand of paracetamol are the only ones that work on me, so weening myself onto a weaker brand will be a big step.... but a step in the right direction.

    I'll also bring it up with my doctor the next time I see him.

    Thanx for your help. :smile:
  5. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    yes headaches can be caused by taking ainkillers.. even ones like paracetamol. the addiction element is secondary to that. however addiction or rather dependance upon pain meds can also cause headaches...

    i take morphine and codeine but not regularly enough to be addicted. it is the regular taking of anything that gets you addicted.
  6. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    Paracetamol is the INN or International Nonproprietary Name for acetaminophen as it's known in the U.S.A. By itself it is nonaddicting. There are no "brands" of paracetamol.

    Would need to know the ingredients & respective amounts of Propain.
  7. littlestar

    littlestar Guest

    i wish i had some codeine right now...
  8. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    There's a bit of information here -
  9. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    there are here
  10. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    No, paracetamol is the active metabolite of phenacetin. It's discrete. I mean sure, we have acetaminophen labelled under different "brands" here as well, but the primary constituents are by law equal.
  11. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    i am don't want to argue but you are talking about trade names.

    brand names worldwide for reference:

    the brands in the uk contain differing amounts of paracetamol ( and/ or other substances ) depending on the brand chosen.

    Panadol, which is marketed in Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America, and Australasia, is the most widely available brand, sold in over 80 countries. In North America, paracetamol is sold in generic form (usually labeled as acetaminophen) or under a number of trade names, for instance, Tylenol (McNeil-PPC, Inc.), Anacin-3, Tempra, and Datril. While there is brand named paracetamol available in the UK (e.g. Panadol), unbranded or generic paracetamol is more commonly sold.

    Brand Names[15]
    Aceta, Actimin, Anacin-3, Apacet, Aspirin Free Anacin, Atasol, Banesin, Crocin, Dapa, Datril Extra-Strength, DayQuil, Feverall, Few Drops, Fibi, Fibi plus, Genapap, Genebs, Lekadol, Liquiprin, Neopap, Oraphen-PD, Panadol, Paralen, Phenaphen, Redutemp, Snaplets-FR, Suppap, Tapanol, Tylenol, Valorin, Xcel.

    please don't flame me :blink:
  12. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    Aww sweetie I ain't going to be nasty to you! :hug:

    I forget now exactly how all this started but did spot a contradiction of my own:

    And of course as you have reminded us there dozens of bandname under which paracetamol is sold. Good job!

    I think my point was there is only one paracetamol or acetamenophin and regardless of the amounts contained, its effect is alway identical abeit to varying degrees dependent on amount contained.

    You did a good job pull up all those brands, Soliloquise! I wouldn't have known where to look.:blink:
  13. TheWr0ngChild

    TheWr0ngChild Well-Known Member

    Fully fledged addict here. I'm hooked on Nurofen Plus, which are Ibuprofen & Codeine pills you can buy over the counter here.
    I started taking them for extreme period pain & symptoms related to my cycle, but I also loved the feeling of calm & 'everything's ok' they gave me.

    I've been addicted to them for a year and I have no idea how I'm going to get off them as I actualy NEED them now. I can't just stop taking them otherwise the anxiety they hide would spill out and I would not be able to function in any way at all.
  14. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    not good :(
    don't the ibuprofen wreck your stomach? they do mine, can't touch them so i ust use the 30/500 strong cocodamols and 8/500 otc when i can.
    only way to come off really is to do it slowly by reduction, or face a big ol cold turkey which is not nice
  15. TheWr0ngChild

    TheWr0ngChild Well-Known Member

    I can't even reduce them, I can't even FACE coming off them and facing the symptoms they suppress again. I have really bad panic & anxiety with them, without them I don't think I could bear it.

    I don't want to stop them and be landed with another load of problems. I also have tendencies to abuse alcohol, that was my vice before codeine.
  16. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    have you tried meds made for the purpose regarding the symptoms you mention?
    i have no clue about the long term effects of ibuprofen use on the body, only opiates.
  17. TheWr0ngChild

    TheWr0ngChild Well-Known Member

    No because I refuse to take anti depressants and thats all doctors push these days
    . I had a serious reaction to prozac once which involved me doing somthing I really don't want to talk about. They took me off it and I've avoided any meds that have the conditions they are sposed to be treated listed as side effects!

    I was only a child back then, if I did half the stuff that made me do now I'd be facing criminal actions never mind psychiatric ones.
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