do i have a problem?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by ForsakenForgotten, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Well i guess ill get started with my curiosities.

    Well i have been watching porn since i was 10 years old, and watch it whenever it is available, and i actually enjoy it, like if i was to make an about me, i could really say I LIKE PORN. lol. but idk. i mean i can and will watch it multiple times a day if it is available as i said. Also I probably masturbate more than ten times a day, i've nevr counted but i bet. ill do it on waking when going to sleep in the middle of the night, throughout the day... just whenever i can. without getting caught. i've done it at school. in bathrooms at resturants(not because of the public aspect just cause i needed to) lol. it sounds so bad but its kinda funny c'mon but im being serious. like if im just sitting there bored ill be like ok ill just think of some sex fantasies and lose my self. not the other way round oh god im horny i think i might need to, i just do it. i can either just start off on my own or something can trigger it.

    is that compulsive masturbating? or is it just like being young adult having a high sex drive? thats where i think it's not a problem.

    but i've only had real sex with 2 people to completion and a few others like a lil bit and fooled around to finish off.

    but yeah so i guess i've only had sex twice(well with two people a few times with each lol)

    uhh. i really just want affection like someone to cuddle with and take a nap with and hug. and just have conversations with and feel special and close to, i've never had a "real" girlfriend, at least in the sense it wasn't about sex or it wasn't some messed up situation and it didn't last more than a week. i really want that, and have never had one, maybe even just a girl to like share affection with til i feel better. I get kinda jealous easy like im not gonna be the guy spying on his girl but like idk if i thought she was flirting or something or felt like i was sub par or something i'd be silently depressed inside. and i get my feelings hurt easy although these are not the reasons for failed relationships i have experienced... i had legitimate like reasons like people being really ahhh not faithful ill say. i mean really not faithful not just paranoid about it. i feel like i don't deserve "love" or whatever, i feel sometimes as if i should kill my self over it, but i don't of course! i do get intense feelings of rejection as well.

    uhh any ideas?
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    Don't think you have a problem, at all...

    Humans are highly sexual beings, more than we like to admit. Wanting sex is natural, and our stupid western society seems (well, we're getting better at it) hell bent on squashing any sort of impulses.

    Loneliness and porn just don't mix. You pleasure yourself, and then you have a whole bunch of time to think to yourself about what a bad person you are for indulging. It um. Sucks. There's a great comic podcast called wtfpod if you want to hear a crazy neurotic old comic yack about his insecurities regarding sex and porn. It's highly entertaining and it might make you feel a bit more at ease with yourself to hear somebody else expounding their issues.

    The "real girlfriend" thing might take some work.
    It seems like you have incredibly low self esteem. It's normal for some folks to be needier or more jealous than others, as long as it does not consume you. Hopefully you can find a girl that is able to provide the kind of attention you need. We're all different, 'n' stuff. ;)
    Being cheated on is a risk in every relationship. It's the risk you take falling in love...

    In any case, good luck!
  3. yeah i think it's just normal i just get bored and think about sex lol. i can have sex a lot when i have someone there so i guess it's a blessing. screw it. heck if i could be a pornstar and get with some hotties HECK YEAH!!!
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