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Do I have an eating disorder?

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A few days ago I started eating a lot less than usual. The past four nights I've skipped dinner and two of the days I skipped breakfast too. I've skipped breakfast before in the past, but not intentionally really, mostly when I don't have time to make breakfast or am not feeling well. I'm heavy and now I'm doing it because I want to lose weight. Does this mean that I have an eating disorder??
I'm not quiet sure, maybe try getting it checked out with your GP, if you do they will be able to support you, why not try booking a appointment first? I am glad you have realised this now before it has become a serious habit, so please check it out with your GP

Take care


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Wanting to lose weight doesn't mean you have an eating disorder. But, lots of anorexics develop their disorder when they start dieting, and are very successful at it. So they get addicted to it.

There are healthy ways to lose weight, and there are unhealthy ways. As someone with an eating disorder, I'd recommend just using this experience as evidence that you have the ability to lose weight. It's way better for your body to just start excercising and cutting out bad things from your diet. If you're not hungry, don't make yourself eat, but it's unhealthy to go too long between meals/snacks. You can actually hurt your body that way.

Blah blah. My point is you're at risk for developing disordered eating habits but you can change your path relatively easily this early in the weight loss and still have a great effect.


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Skipping meals in tempting but I would recommend you start eating at least 3 times a day but eat less and stick with low-carb oder/and low-fat...I know what I'm talking about. It will make you loose weight fast without making you feel too dizzy by noon...^^

And you question: um...I'm not sure...A few days of starving don't make you an anorexic. I ate like you do now for about 2 month before I felt myself becoming obsessive about it. As long as you feel you COULD eat and somehow you'd like to but you simply resist to loose weight...that's nothing to be worried about, I think.
If you decide to have breakfast and prepare it but before you bite into your bread start to shiver and throw it away without touching it...that's when I'd say "you are sick."

Definitely keep an eye on it and if you think you might slip into an eating disorder maybe tell us every now and then how diet is going. Sometimes we don't realize, we're obsessive, even though it's obvious for others.
And you question: um...I'm not sure...A few days of starving don't make you an anorexic.
An eating disorder isn't just about food. It's about a frame of mind and a thought process as well.

Katie, it depends, really. What are you feeling? Extreme distress/guilt when eating? Regret? Self hate? You didn't really give much information, so I can't really say much.. but if you are intentionally skipping meals.. yes, you are at high risk for developing an eating disorder. Do you have one already? I don't know.


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@Ems: I know, I know...but I think it's overacting to assume everyone who starves himself for whatever reason an eating disorder. It doesn't have to be pathological.
I agree that the risk that Katie is about to develop one is alarmingly big.
But as I said: We can't send everyone to a psychologist who hast the risk on becoming obsessive about something one day...
let's don't be TOO pessimistic.
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