Do I have an eating disorder?

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Or is it all my head?

I've been thin all my life, as a kid I overate so much, sweets, meals, everything and was always thin. It has been a problem cause I am really thin but over the past few years I've grown a lot and been eating less. I'm about 6"1 and 120 pounds ish and male.

I know the underweight but what makes me feel like I have a problem is that I almost never eat even when hungry. I usually have a few slices of toast when I get up and around 50% of the time thats all I will have all day, sometimes I have a meal for dinner or a few more slices more of toast but even when I make a meal and do a "normal" portion, I can only eat maybe 1.4 - 1/2 before being full. I lost a few pounds (3) in about 5 days which worried me and at the time between measurements I said I would try put on weight. When I feel hungry I will either: Ignore it completely or eat maybe a tiny sweet or 2 and that will do me over. I feel my lack of appetite may be linked to my depression as sometimes I binge and sometimes I eat almost nothing.

Do I have an eating disorder or am I overthinking things? ANy help would be great.

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If you are binging yes you do have a eating disorder if you are not eating properly then yes you have a eating disorder. Have you been to your doctor to get checked medically There could be many reasons why you do not feel like eating Low iron is only one of many reasons one looses their appetite Get a dr appt okay get blood work done get thyroid checked out etc to rule out and medical issues first hugs


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If you are binging yes you do have a eating disorder if you are not eating properly then yes you have a eating disorder.
I disagree. Eating disorders are caused by the fear of gaining weight. If you do want to gain weight but aren't hungry/get full too quickly it isn't really an eating disorder but probably caused by something else like depression, wanting to punish yourself, thyriod or any number of things. I'm not saying don't get checked out by a doctor, you should, but you don't necessarily have an diagnosable eating disorder.

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I often find that when I'm feeling especially depressed (diagnosed with depression almost a decade ago) I'll either binge eat or ignore my "hunger pains". I don't do the latter out of fear of gaining wait but rather, because I simply don't have the energy to eat. Both seem to commonly occur with various types of depression and so it is possible that it's linked to your depression. It seems many people with depression either do one or the other (binge or lose interest in food) but there are some (like myself) that rotate between the two. Is it possible that you could consult a doc about this?
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