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Do I have Anger Issues

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i do wonder if i have bouts of anger.... i tend to blow up at people occasionally...mainly in the form of swearing and name calling....terms that come to mind were..shut up..... nasty cow.... and lazy bitch

i know peopl say the key to this is to stop, count to 10 and then calmly state your point of view, but i cant help but think thats just code for being all walked over...

im a reallly nice, friendly guy....but if people are going to be arseholes, then they need to be pulled into line....ill always stand up for myself and others and generally for what i feel is right.

hmmm, however i think it might be a catch 22!!!! oh i hope it isnt self limiting...


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Methink, its generally better to take a step back when we are really angry, because more often than not, we end up aggravating the situation rather than solving it. There is big difference between being assertive and aggressive. I mean there are always exceptions but those are rather rare and anger can easily become our first option rather than the measure of last recourse. And also, some battles are just not worth the energy spent to win them. It does not mean you are pushover, simply that life is too short to indulge wasting precious time over petty stuff. Have you ever break something in a moment of anger just to spend hours fixing the damages or spend money to replace it? Not fun.


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i know peopl say the key to this is to stop, count to 10 and then calmly state your point of view.

does it ever work?
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