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Do I lack insight?

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Have had a horrid couple of days, feeling really low - saw T yesterday and T has asked me to check in with them everyday, also asked if I wanted an extra session this week.

It has scared me thinking that maybe T can see something in me that I can't see - I do feel quite closed off from T, but am I missing something else about me?

T spent a long time questioning me about my kids, I was wanting T to back off, I did not want to talk about them - then I wondered if T was gauging me and my responses and I started to feel a little panicked and then started to be more cautious in my responses.

I just feel very mixed up today - I can block it all off and be all smiley, but inside there is terror.

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i think you should tell your T how his questions made you feel how make him aware that you are becoming more anxious okay Tell T what is going on inside you okay so he or she can help you more hugs


Part of me knows I should tell T - but he is seeming to be more distant in my head, the mistrust is growing and I am scared his concern means that he feels he can't help me and that I need something more intensive - then I wonder if I am making up all this stuff in my head, that I am just living some fantasy - I feel so confused, do I want to harm myself, or is it some weird head game that my brain is playing/
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