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Do I Love Him?


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I met this guy 4 years ago. I was 14 at the time, and back then we flirted and we always said we were together. But it was never official. Since I thought we were really just joking around, I started dating someone who he didn't like. It lasted off and on for 2 years. And in between breaks up with this guy, I tried dating my guy friend. It would go on for a month or two, and then I'd break it off cause of the guy I was "in love" with.

Now, the 2 year guy is gone and I'm best friends with the other guy. Ever since I met him, he's been the only person that has been able to make me feel better when I'm sad or feeling low. In December of 2010 a girl I went to school with passed away, and this guy was the only one to talk me through it and make me smile. Any time I'm distressed or feeling down, he's right there making me feel better.

I feel a very strong connection with him, and I tell him everything. I've mentioned him in other threads where I've said I love him. But since then, I started watching this Korean Drama about a girl who's in love with two guys. One is this super rude jerk who hurts her (which reminds me of my ex) and the other is this best friend who is ALWAYS there for her. In the show she would say he always "put out the fires in her heart" when she was upset, and he called himself her volunteer firefighter. And that best friend type guy was her soul mate. It got me thinking. My best friend is exactly like that, so here I am, trying to figure out if I love him.

I know this is already a lot to read, but I feel as if I could write 200 more paragraphs about him and the way he makes me feel.

In December we had a fight, and didn't talk for a month, but I looked in on him every now and then. And when I saw that him and his girlfriend broke up, I knew he would need someone to talk to. So I sent him a message via facebook and we made up. I stayed up with him for 3 days trying to talk with him about things. I always send him cute little songs, and one song in particular was exactly how I feel about him. Smile by Uncle Kracker.

I feel incredibly empty when he isn't around. And just a simple text saying hello can make my whole day. Sometimes I feel crazy. Is this love? Infatuation? Surely if it was infatuation my heart wouldn't race at the sound of his voice. Is it love?

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Don't fall in love with a man at least until you know that he loves you first and in the same way. I think the more relevant question is should you date him and see where it goes.
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