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Do I need mental help?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Endorcist, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Endorcist

    Endorcist New Member

    Is it wrong if I no longer wish to live? No reason rly. I just don't want to be alive anymore. I don't believe its wrong to want to end your life if you simply wish to move on.
  2. I've been to many proffesionals who all say that suicidal people need help of some sort. In other words you are not supposed to want to end your own life. I don't know if it can be classified as a mental illness though, if that's what you're asking.
  3. Endorcist

    Endorcist New Member

    I see the point you make. But I do not agree that we need to accept the point of view of someone who believes it is always wrong to want to end your own life. I do recognize that it is a fair point and that many ppl share this perspective. But because it is merely a point of view, and because I am choosing not to agree with it, I can say that my point of view is equally allowed to exist and thus I do not need mental help because I feel that my judgement/decision to end my life is rational.
  4. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    Depends on the resons why you think you'd be better off dead...
  5. LiverpoolFTW

    LiverpoolFTW Guest

    I think being suicidal is a mental problem if its a recurrent thought, i think everyone must wonder about it sometimes, but for most those thoughts and feelings pass.
  6. BrokenMe

    BrokenMe Member

    Actually i find myself in the same situation. So it would be pointless to open a new thread... I have one basic question... Why is it worth it? Living...
  7. LiverpoolFTW

    LiverpoolFTW Guest

    You have to find reasons to live. This isnt easy...look inside yourself and try to see what you need to be happier.
  8. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    Hi Endorcist,

    I don't think its right or wrong to want to die, I think its a personal choice but one of the choices is unreversable and is final....ur never know what could have been.

    I personally also believe that 9/10 most people who have re-occuring thoughts of suicide, or who feel that death is the only option do require mental health help as suicidal thoughts are normally associated with psychological factors such difficulty coping with depression, inescapable suffering or fear, or other mental disorders and pressures.

    If you want to die, there are always associated with something even if we can't see it which is why professional help should be found.

    Hi Brokenme,

    I ask myself the same question daily, what is the point of living when the outcome is the same, one day u will die.. I don't have the answers why we should continue to live...but I am told..that life can be great but u have to want it, u sometimes have to fight to get what u want..

    Sorry babbled on, sorry

    Lost x
  9. Bud Leaf

    Bud Leaf Member

    i think the answer is that everyone on this earth at one point feels the same way, its a part of life and you do not need mental help if your are smart enough to ask for it, you can use this feeling in a more positive way by trying as many new things as possable, if you figure where you are at now has no meaning to exist then its as easy as creating a new meaning by giving your life your all and doing anything you feel like doing for a while, not everything is permament so change it up every now and then and spice up your days by just being out there you know, go hard man, its all good times and we all get the bad times but its time none the less, use your time for anything, all of our clocks were set to end at one point and we cant just keep hitting the snooze button :wink: give me a shout anytime bro ill be more then happy to talk, go have some fun but taker easy
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