Do I seem old?

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I'm feeling slightly strange. I feel like im growing old early. Every week me and my friends go out and come back feeling slightly crap. And then the next week they get excited and want to go out again and I'll go out but I'm always apprehensive about it. I would rather go out less often (by going out I mean clubbing) , fall in love and settle down. I still want to go out but I would rather do other things apart from go out clubbing. I like drinking and going out with my friends but I just want to do something different.I would rather go out to one pub or bar and stay there and actually chat until midnight and then go home. I almost feel more mature than my friends, and I don't like going out clubbing so much, but I feel like if I don't go out then they'll think I'm a wuss and I wont see my friends as much.


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We all grow up at our own speed.
I lost my best friend cos I was still climbing trees when she was ready to date.
I caught up about a year later and never looked back :laugh:
You are not getting old, just wanting more than the club scene.
You have to weigh up how much your friends mean to you, cos if they still want to go clubbing then thats what you need to do to keep them.
Is there no one else in your group that is finding it all a bit passe?


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It sounds like you are dealing with the maturation process. In the world today, that is a very difficult process. I think of my daughter, and what she's had to grow up with versus what I had to grow up with, and I don't know if I could have managed the multi-tasking world that has developed.

Some of your peer group are going to be going different directions than you. That's the tough thing about early adulthood - everybody is making choices.

It sounds like you really have a good thought process defined in your head - you are thinking about these things. Not everybody does.


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Not so much growing old as growing up. There is nothing wrong with a night out in a club but if that is all you ever do it becomes dull and boring and a soulless existence. Some people can't think beyond the confines of a club so even when they are old still see that as the only thing to do. Some like to find something more satisfying ,your friends will get tired of it eventually. Have you spoken to themand asked if anyone would like to do something different? There are a million things to do so it would be a shame to get stuck doing the same old thing night in night out.Try something that you think you wont enjoy and you might get a big surprise and find you love it, if you don't well there is no need to do it again.
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