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do i tell her?

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i need some help...

ive been with my wife for nearly 4 years and we have been married for 6 months, she know everything about me. all about the depression, paranoid thoughts, hearing voices everything, but one thing that i cant bear to tell her is that she is the only reason that i am still on this earth. since i have been with her i have not tried suicide - thought about it a few times when things just got really bad, but it was never a recurrent thought.

just lately been thinking about it alot. i keep thinking that she would be better off without me and all the problems that come along with me. i dont want to tell her that she is the only thing keeping me here because i dont want to put pressure on her. she will probably think that she has to not upset me or else i might not be here afterwards.

anyway... i want to tell her about this...about this forum...and about how i really feel, but i dont know if i should. i dont want her to worry about me or to start pussy footing around me incase of upsetting me.

what do i do???


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I think you should tell her. If she already knows about the depression, paranoia, and voices, she's probably already thought that you might be suicidal at some point. If you don't tell her, she'll probably figure out that something's up anyway, so you should be honest and open with her. Of course she'll worry about you--she loves you--but it would be so much worse if she lost you and didn't have a chance to help because you were trying to protect her.
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