Do opposites truly attract?

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    Whether in the case of friendship or a relationship, do you find it hard to connect to people who are opposite from you? Is it easier to get close to someone you have things in common with, or are you able to look past peoples' differences and accept them for who they are?
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    I don't think that there is a blanket rule. For example, I am very unlike my best friend in a lot of ways. In almost every respect we are totally different personalities, but we do have similar interests and values which means we can talk for hours, because we like to talk about the same things. On the other hand, I have a friend who has a very similar personality to me, and I really struggle to talk to her because although we are very 'alike' we don't actually have any coinciding interests.

    I find some people who are my "opposites" to be absolutely fascinating and want to know their opinion on everything just because they are so different from me, even if we have nothing in common. I find other people who are my "opposites" to be shallow and irritating.

    So - basically - I don't think it is anything to do really with someone being an opposite or having differences - I think it is just about the individual people. I usually find that some people there is just "something" there - can't really put my finger on it but from the first conversation I find them interesting, funny, engaging etc and other people I just don't, even though there is nothing "wrong" with them at all. I think there is just a mystery "thing" lol.
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    I just think it's how you sync up with each other, not how much you have in common. What I don't like is when someone wants me to change to be more like them. I am happy the way I am and don't expect anyone else to change either. Sometimes I find things that are dealbreakers, but I do my best to accept people as they are.