Do people care?

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I have been hiding out in my apartment not answering my phone for about 8 days. only 1 of those days I left my apartment door. I just called a friend, she's called obviously like 15 times all together. I didn't check missed calls. And she had forgotten she had a spare key. I live in a secure building. But I called and she was all like I thought you were dead, I thought you committed suicide... paranoid maybe..... I have one part saying yes people care a little bit then a part of me saying everyone hates me, mocks me, plotts against me, and ect.

but does anyone here or in reality really care?


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She obviously does care or she wouldn't have called 15 times.

Think on it for a bit and you'll see she does care. Sometimes it's difficult to believe, especially when people have a lot going on in their lives and they don't get in touch for a while, but I believe you have a real friend there.

And of course yu've always got us sad sacks.
Yes people care hun :hug: I'm always glad to see you in chat :) - even if you do call me Meanie Moonie :tongue:
Nobody is plotting against you, and if they did, they would have to answer to us!! *brandishes chat whip*
Seriously hun. We care about you a lot here :) :hug: :hug: :hug:
Aww Carolyn, we DO care about you, and like Devastated said, your friend obviously cares about you too - or else she wouldn't have called you 15 times. :hug:

And Rhino, we care about you too hun :hug:

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