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Do people leave when they find out about someones depression?


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I'm sure it must happen on some occasions, probably more likely with people who are young or naive to not understand how hard life can be. But then those people wouldn't be awesome people would they? I am always glad when a friend tells me something like this about them, and then I can understand them better.


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Yes. Happened and happens to me
Wtf is their problem? You know what... does anyone really need people like that in their lives? Like people who hang out with you only cuz you fill some hole within them? And when yoy fail at it, they just go out for smokes and never return.
So many realtionships are selfish. Maybe its better to have nothing than something.


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I don't think they do. I wouldn't leave, and I know plenty of people who stayed/stay beside me, even though I've been depressed for years (plus other mental health issues).

However, I think they might take some distance at times to protect themselves, their own mental health, if some of the depression "symptoms" start affecting them too much. For example, if the depressed person becomes overly dependent on them, or if they're being extremely negative all the time.

We shouldn't expect them to have the mental health and empathy of a rock. Everyone has a life, everyone has some struggles (even if they're not mental health problems, or if they seem less awful than depression), so I think both parties should be compassionate with each other and make efforts to make it work.

But most people don't leave if you just tell them you have depression. :)


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Yes, it's happened to me. Someone who I thought was a "friend" just turned around and said they coudn't be dealing with this.

All dependant on the individuals concerned and their outlooks.


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I was once someone who found out a friend was depressed. Prior to that realization, I hadn’t had a modicum of intimacy and connection with anyone. There had been no talk of sorrow, rage, disgust, fear... nothing.

Some people are in it to run and remain in the dark, while others are compelled to know its embrace. In other words, yes, people exist who can’t be assed to entertain any notion of existential dread, but it’s no affront to you or anyone who has the gall to feel. They’re just desperate and terrified and perhaps for good reason: feeling fucking sucks.


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It definitely can happen depending on the person & perspective for sure.. One of my closest friends for years went hiatus on me because of my struggles & only came back when she thought everything was in the clear years later.. for some it can be overwhelming, but for my friend... she just didnt want to deal with 'bad energy'. I find that, & found the hard way, if people who you care about do this, you deserve & should seek others that could understand & be supportive within reason.
Absolutely happens more often than not I would say. Most people don’t understand and don’t know what to say. It’s probably more because they are scared of getting involved rather than being unpleasant but it comes across as them not caring. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve reached out to the wrong people irl but every single ‘friend’ that I have reached out to has abandoned me, wants nothing more to do with me. Perhaps they are scared of saying the wrong thing, don’t want to be the cause of my suicide. Idk. The only people who get it are you guys and you don’t run a mile when you meet someone whose depressed. I’ve given up trying irl. Nobody wants to know or help or be a friend. Perhaps I’m just not worth the effort for them to bother trying.


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Does this actuallu happen? Are "normal" people like that?
I've had this go both ways. I really think it depends a lot on the person, how well you know them and how close you are to them. I think some people don't know how to react, others might not understand depression or mental health issues and some people are just dicks. I don't make a habit of talking about my mental health with people I don't trust, and that list is pretty short, so I'd say most people in my life currently haven't had the chance to react one way or the other. I'm also not sure there are currently any "normal" people in my life, so that's probably fair to note as well. I'm not sure anyone could really truly fall under that category after the year we have all been through.

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I'd like to meet this one person, & thank them personally... :) And, as well as - be given "a list," of all / or some of the others: to do that which may be deemed appropriate by either you, or me! ( ; j/k_ >*/_)
I would be delighted to introduce you! I am sure the two of you would get on great. They are an exceptional person and I am very glad to know them.

Aww, my family for sure - they have been very supportive for one.


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I had this dream... I met some new awesome people, but they found out about my... condition. And they just tossed me out like a piece of garbage.
I know its just a dream... but i feel so judged all of a sudden.
Does this actuallu happen? Are "normal" people like that?
Sory about the grammar.
I think that for some, with depression, yes. . . (& some, "Not!") -but with Suicidality; (on top of that!_) even more so, I have found--or "in my opinion." Keep in mind, this is just based on my direct experiences, and no one else's! ;)

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